What Business Ventures Has Chris Evans Invested In?

Actor Chris Evans has invested in a variety of business theviralnewj ventures in recent years. In 2017, he became an investor in a tech start-up called Away, which produces a branded line of suitcases. He also invested in a health and wellness company called Performance Inspired Nutrition, which produces a line of sports nutrition supplements thebirdsworld. In 2018, he invested in a mobile app called Propel, which provides users with health and fitness tracking and rewards. In 2019, he invested Net Worth in the food delivery company DoorDash, and in 2020, he invested in the online health and wellness platform Calm. Evans is also an investor in the augmented reality firm Niantic, the maker of the popular Pokémon Go game. In addition, Evans has invested in a number of other start-ups, including the virtual reality company Oculus, the home-automation firm Nest, the meditation app Bio Data Headspace, and the e-commerce platform Shopify. He also serves on the board of directors at the software development company AppDirect infosportsworld.