Different Types of Broaching Machines and Their Features

Broaching removes metal by pulling or pushing an instrument called a broach that cuts in the same direction. The broaching device is pushed or pulled through the surfaces that must be polished. Using broaching, finishing is accomplished on smooth or contoured surfaces, either external or internal. Broaching is limited to removing 6mm or less of the stock. We’ll discuss the different types of broaching machines and their features below, so stay tuned!

Automatic Broaching Machine

An automatic broaching machine has been built with a fully enclosed and automated broaching center that can be loaded and unloaded, comprising the loading system, conveyor belt, unloading system, and broaching equipment. 

The automated broaching machine can be linked to other broaching machines to allow online inspection. The operating surface is minimal; it is not required to create pits. The machine tool is fitted with an automatic chip brushing mechanism to extend the machine’s lifespan.

Helical Broaching Machine

A helical broaching machine; a new broaching machine is employed for spiral spline designs needed for a part of external spiral forms or external. The pot broach is typically secured as the workpiece is rotated and pushed on the broaching device. The most common spiral broaching includes gun rifling and spiral transmission gear.

Continuous Broaching Machine

A continuous-broaching device is an advanced broaching machine that can carry out high-efficiency continuous processing of many workpieces. Typically, the broach stays stationary within the broaching therightmessages device. 

At the same time, the workpiece is positioned to the fixture of the chain of conveyors, and the workpiece is moved under the direction of the chain output. The broach processes the piece following the pre-programmed program. 

When the process is complete, The controller will direct the chain conveyor to advance and then take the completed product from the conveyor chain, place the new piece of work on the empty fixture at the beginning position of the chain and repeats the steps of processing as per this process to achieve that the process continues to be performed on the part.

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

The drive and transmission systems used in various broaching devices are hydraulic; that is what we refer to as the hydraulic broaching machine. In a broaching machine, every part and system within it is essential. 

Numerous components are integrated to ensure a coordinated operation. This helps the broaching device to run smooth processing and satisfy the demands of top-quality processing. In the internal system of the broaching device, this hydraulic component is one of the most important components. 

Due to its strong hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder, the broaching device can operate the machine at high power and on surfaces. The hydraulic pump will provide a huge amount of tension to the piston, and the cylinder’s hydraulic pressure will control the entire transmission to function, driving the broach to process to achieve a high-precision driving voxbliss result. 

The advancement in hydraulic drive technologies is extremely quick. The machine’s hydraulics device can be completely integrated into the primary equipment of the broaching device, which increases the durability of the mechanical transmission, and enhances the broaching capabilities for the broaching device. This ensures that the machine can meet the requirements of more challenging broaching processes.